Luca Biferale
Full Professor of Theoretical Physics, Mathematical Models and Methodslb
Dept. of Physics, University of Rome, Tor Vergata
Via della Ricerca Scientifica 1, 00133, Roma, Italy
ph +39 067259.4595,  fax +39 062023507, cell +39 3496494879
biferale at roma2 dot infn dot it

2004-2009    EUROMECH scientific council of European Turbulence Conference
2004-              Associated editor of Journal of Turbulence
2005-2017      CNISM (Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Scienze della Materia)
2006-              International Collaboration for Turbulence Research ICTR
2007-2013     Divisional Associate Editor of Physical  Review Letters
2007-2016      National coordinator of the network "Fields and Particles in Turbulence" (INFN)
2007-2011     Editorial Board of The European Physical Journal B
2008-              Elecetd Fellow Americal Physical Society
2010-              Elected Fellow EUROMECH Society
2009-2013     Managing Committe and Group Leader COST ACTION "Particles in Turbulence"erc
2011-              Editorial Board of The European Physical Journal E
2012-2016      Scientific Committee High Performance Computing  Centre CINECA
2013-2017       Physical Science Working Group (European Space Agency)
2013-              Director CAST (Centre for Application of calculus to Science and Technology, U. Tor Vergata)
2014-2019       ERC Advanced Grant NewTURB
2013-2017      Steering Committee EuHIT "European High-Performance Infrastructures in Turbulence"
2013-2018      Managing Committee COST ACTION "Flowing Matter"
2014-2017      Managing Committee  "Zefiro" HPC facility INFNeu
2015-2019      Supervisory Board HPC-LEAP (EJD)
2017               Science board of 'European Open Science Cloud for Research Pilot Projects (EOSC)
2017                Access Committe PRACE
2017-2021      Supervisory Board STIMULATE (EJD)


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Scientific Activity (key words): Complex fluids. Turbulence. Intermittency and Anomalous Scaling laws. Anisotropic Flows. Turbulent Transport. Microfluidics and Biofluidic. Lattice Boltzmann equations, theory and applications. Multiphase flows. Multicomponent flows. Transport in Porous Media.  Emulsions. Colloids.  Fractals and Multifractals. Deterministic chaos. Dynamical Systems. Information Theory. Stochastic Processes. Critical Phenomena. Renormalization Group. Monte Carlo methods.