2004-2009    EUROMECH scientific council of European Turbulence Conference
2004-              Associated editor of Journal of Turbulence
2005-2017      CNISM (Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Scienze della Materia)
2006-              International Collaboration for Turbulence Research ICTR
2007-2013     Divisional Associate Editor of Physical  Review Letters
2007-2016      National coordinator of the network "Fields and Particles in Turbulence" (INFN)
2007-2011     Editorial Board of The European Physical Journal B
2008-              Elecetd Fellow Americal Physical Society
2010-              Elected Fellow EUROMECH Society
2009-2013     Managing Committe and Group Leader COST ACTION "Particles in Turbulence"erc
2011-              Editorial Board of The European Physical Journal E
2012-2016      Scientific Committee High Performance Computing  Centre CINECA
2013-2017       Physical Science Working Group (European Space Agency)
2013-              Director CAST (Centre for Application of calculus to Science and Technology, U. Tor Vergata)
2014-2019       ERC Advanced Grant NewTURB
2013-2017      Steering Committee EuHIT "European High-Performance Infrastructures in Turbulence"
2013-2018      Managing Committee COST ACTION "Flowing Matter"
2014-2017      Managing Committee  "Zefiro" HPC facility INFNeu
2015-2019      Supervisory Board HPC-LEAP (EJD)
2017               Science board of 'European Open Science Cloud for Research Pilot Projects (EOSC)
2017                Access Committe PRACE
2017-2021      Supervisory Board STIMULATE (EJD)