Radioactive contamination of SrI2(Eu) crystal scintillator

The SrI2(Eu) crystal scintillator (6.6 g mass) was measured for 706 h with the ultra-low background HPGe γ ray spectrometer. From the measured spectra naturally occurring radionuclides of the uranium and thorium chains, 40K and 137Cs have been observed. Contaminations in 137Cs and 226Ra in the crystal scintillator are also present.

The data of the low background measurements with the HPGe detector have been also used to search for double β processes in 84Sr accompanied by the emission of γ quanta. New limits were estabilished for the first time for processes in several channels. The obtained resuls are reported in the table below:

Considering also the very modest exposure, the results of these studies demonstrate the possible perspective of the SrI2(Eu) highly efficient scintillation material in a variety of applications, including low counting measurements. An R&D is in progress.