Investigations on particle DArk MAtter and other rare processes with highly radiopure scintillators @ Gran Sasso

A large literature by DAMA and by many others has been made available with time passing about corollary analyses in terms of various of the many DM candidate particles and of various of the many possible astrophysical, nuclear and particle physics scenarios, also profiting of the continuous improvements of the experimental determinations by DAMA/NaI and, then, by DAMA/LIBRA as well as of the improvements in phenomenological and theoretical investigations. Some of the many existing uncertainties in many aspects and parameters necessary to derive model dependent results and comparisons (usually unaccounted in the field) have also been addressed at some extent.

Finally, model dependent claims for contradictions have no robust scientific bases not only intrinsecally, but also because of the many possible astrophysical, nuclear and particle Physics scenarios, of the large uncertainties in assumptions and parameters in each one, of some adopted procedures [as e.g. "extrapolated" energy threshold, absence of routine calibrations, multiple (and questionable) subtraction procedures, etc.], of the incorrect/unupdated/partial quotation of the implication of the model independent results of DAMA experiments, etc.. On the other hand, whatever possible positive result has to be interpreted and a large room of compatibility with the DAMA annual modulation model independent evidence is present as discussed in literature e.g. for the cases of some possible positive hint by CoGeNT.