Investigations on particle DArk MAtter and other rare processes with highly radiopure scintillators @ Gran Sasso

In addition other experiments are running and/or in preparation using other DAMA low background set-ups as, in particular, the pioneer DAMA/LXe pure liquid Xenon scintillator (filled with Kr-free Xenon enriched either in 129Xe or in 136Xe), the low background DAMA/R&D (for small scale exps.) set-up and the DAMA/Ge one. Sometimes specific measurements are also carried out in the 4π HPGe system at the LNGS Ge facility. Many competing/new results have already been - and in future can be - obtained in the search for various rare processes. In addition a new test set-up named DAMA/CRYS is now working.

The definition of a possible DAMA/1ton (DAMA proposed since 1996), 1 ton full sensitive mass set-up for the search of various other rare processes, is in progress as well as several other project activities.