DAMA/Ge set-up & LNGS Ge facility

The DAMA/Ge set-up is composed by a low background Ge detector specially realised with a low Z window and installed - within a suitable shield - in the Gran Sasso underground laboratory.

It is operative in the low background Germanium facility of the Gran Sasso National Laboratory and it is mainly devoted to measurements on samples for R&D on radiopure detectors and photomultipliers and to materials selection.

During year 2005 a significant improvement of the installation has been performed: a new sealing system, a new system for neutron shielding, an automatic Marinelli and shield opening/closure system have been realised. Continuous measurements on samples are carried out.

Moreover, measurements are also carried out by using the 4 π low background HP Ge detectors operating at the Germanium facility of the Gran Sasso National Laboratory.