DAMA/LIBRA Experiment

(Large sodium Iodide Bulk for RAre processes)
  • DAMA/LIBRA target-detector mass: ~250 kg highly radiopure NaI(Tl)
  • New NaI(Tl) detectors built after a 2nd generation R&D (new materials selection, new dedicated protocol and physical/chemical radio-purification of powders)
  • New electronics and DAQ
  • Improvements of the installation and of all the parts of the set-up
  • Works for the disinstallation of 100 kg NaI set-up, for installation improvements and for the installation of DAMA/LIBRA started on July/August 2002. In particular, all procedures involving detectors, PMTs, etc. have been performed in HP Nitrogen atmosphere
  • DAMA/LIBRA started preliminary measurements in March 2003
  • First data release in April 2008 (exposure of 0.53 ton x yr)
  • First upgarding in September 2008 Photos during this upgrading
  • New data release in February 2010 (cumulative exposure over six annual cycles 0.87 ton x yr)
  • New upgrading in November 2010 Photos during this upgrading, closing DAMA/LIBRA-phase1 and starting the new DAMA/LIBRA-phase2
  • New data taking in improved set-up
  • on August 2013 published the final model-independent results of the whole DAMA/LIBRA-phase1 (7 annual cycles for an exposure of 1.04 ton x yr: cumulatively with DAMA/NaI: 1.33 ton x yr)