DAMA/LXe results on N, NN and NNN decay into invisible channels

New approach: search for the radioactive daughter nuclei, created after the nucleon, di-nucleon or tri-nucleon disappearance in the parent nuclei. If T1/2 of daughter nucleus is ~ 1 s, its decay can be separated in time from the prompt products if any of them is observable in the detector.

Advantage: i) branching ratio close to 1; ii) efficiency - if the parent and daughter nuclei are located in the detector itself - close to 1.


2000 - New lifetime limits on nucleon and di-nucleon decay into invisible channels in 129Xe (exposure of 2257.7 kg x day)

2003 - 2005 - New results on nucleon, di-nucleon and tri-nucleon decay in 136Xe (exposure of 2389.7 kg x day)