DAMA/LXe results on N, NN and NNN decay into invisible channels

Results on N and NN decay into invisible channels in 129Xe (823.1 kg day)

Processes of N and NN decay

Initial nucleus Decay Daugther nucleus, T1/2, decay modes, energy release (MeV)
n 128Xe stable
p 128I, T1/2 = 24.99 m, β- 94% (Q=2.1) β+, EC 6% (Q=1.2)
129Xe nn 127Xe, T1/2 = 36.41 d, EC (Q=0.64)
pn 127I stable
pp 127Te, T1/2 = 9.4 h, β- (Q=0.69)

For the N decay this work found:

   τ (p->invisible channel) > 1.9 x 1024 y (90% C.L.)