The DAMA measurements of Xe quenching factor in pure LXe scintillators

Calculations and experimental results:

1992 - DAMA calculation of Xe quenching factor from Lindhard theory (NIM A316(1992)55)

1993 - Lindhard theory not an "universal" theory accounting for all processes occurring in every kind of detector. The recombination effect was added in the calculations (NIM A336 (1993), 336); similar conclusions, based on different considerations, in PLB320 (1994) 395 by UK people.

1997/98 - DAMA measurements with Am-B source and at the about 14 MeV neutron generator at ENEA-Frascati, in PLB436(1998)379.

2001 - Further results obtained by using the 2.5 MeV neutron generator at ENEA-Frascati, in EPJdirect C11,1-8(2001)

The 40 cc LXe set-up and the beam line at the ENEA-Frascati neutron generator: