FAQ: ... DAMA/NaI “excluded” by others?

They give a single model dependent result using different target materials
DAMA/NaI gives a model independent result using 23Na and 127I
⇒ No direct model independent comparison is possible

+ Even assuming their experimental results as they claim them …

  • Case of DM particle scatterings on target-nuclei

  • In general? OBVIOUSLY NOT

    The results are fully “decoupled” either because of the different sensitivities to the various kinds of candidates, interactions and particle mass, or simply taking into account the large uncertainties in the astrophysical (realistic and consistent halo models, presence of non-thermalized components, particle velocity distribution, particle density in the halo, ...), nuclear (scaling laws, FFs, SF) and particle physics assumptions and in all the instrumental quantities (quenching factors, energy resolution, efficiency, ...) and theor. parameters.

    At least in the purely SI coupling they only consider? OBVIOUSLY NOT

    still room for compatibility either at low DM particle mass or simply accounting for the large uncertainties in the astrophysical, nuclear and particle physics assumptions and in all the expt. and theor. parameters.

  • Case of detection involving e.m. contributions (e.g. bosonic candidate, etc.) These candidates are lost by those expts. OBVIOUSLY NOT

    .... and more
    (+ they usually quote in an uncorrect, partial and unupdated way the implications of the DAMA/NaI model independent result)