Results on Dark Matter particle investigations by DAMA/NaI

  • 1996 - Quenching factors and results for the WIMP class of DM candidate particles by applying the pulse shape discrimination.

  • 1999 - Investigation on possible diurnal effects in an exposure of 14962 kg x day.

  • Sept. 1997 presentation at Taup97 of a first positive model independent evidence of the presence of Dark Matter particles in the galactic halo and publication 1998 , confirmations with increased exposures in 1999 and 2000, further confirmations in the following years and conclusive confirmation with 6.3 σ C.L. in 2003 at the end of experiment occurred in July 2002.

  • since 1997 and still in progress - Various corollary investigations has been exploited in order to give inforamtion about the nature of the Dark Matter particle. Different kinds of candidate has been considered in a large number - but still a few with the respect to the possible - of atrophysical (i.e. halo models, its features, etc.), nuclear and particle physics model frameworks.