DAMA/NaI results on possible Pauli-exclusion-principle violating processes

1997 - A search for processes normally forbidden by the Pauli exclusion principle was carried out by determining an improved limit for spontaneous emission rate of protons in 23Na and 127I.
New limits on non-paulian transitions in 23Na and 127I have been obtained.
In particular we set:

  • upper limit on the unit time probability of non-paulian emission of protons with
    energy Ep > 10 MeV:
    τ < 4.6 x 10-33 s-1

  • lower limit on the mean life for non-paulian proton emission:
    τ > 0.7 x 1025 years for 23Na
    τ > 0.9 x 1025 years for 127I.