Quenching factors measurements & WIMP class of DM candidates investigated by PSA in devoted exposure

  • 1996 - Studies on pulse shape capability The 252Cf neutron source shielded by the suitable thick moderator to investigate the 2-20 keV energy interval has been used to collect several thousands of recoil pulse shape in order to built reference pulses as a function of the energy. The reference pulses for electrons were built on the basis of Compton events. In all the data takings the temperature was maintaind at the same temperature as in the underground installation within 0.2 0C. The recoil and electron reference pulses show different decay time allowing quantitative analysis.

    The figure shows the discrimination quality factor, DQF, defined here as the difference between the time decay of the Compton reference pulse minus the time decay of the reference recoil pulse divided by the time decay of the Compton reference pulse time as a funtion of the energy.