DAMA/NaI results on neutral SIMPs

Neutral SIMPs

SIMPs may be neutral particles with masses (MS) between few GeV and the GUT scale and cross sections on protons up to about 10-22 cm2, embedded in the galactic halo (β ~ 10-3). Although their large cross section, their interaction rate would be relatively low because of their low density in the galactic halo.

These exotic Dark Matter candidates might be formed e.g. by the "neutralization" of exotic particles (with electromagnetic and/or nuclear charge) with ordinary matter during primordial nucleosynthesis. They might be the sources of UHE cosmic rays and in some models of supersymmetry breaking they might appear as gluino lightest supersymmetric particle

1999 - This search for SIMPs has been carried out by using two "planes" of NaI(Tl) in the ~100 kg NaI(Tl) DAMA set-up, considering as a signature, the delayed coincidences between the two "planes" (for possible source of background see the discussion in the paper).