Main publications in 2000

  • R. Bernabei, M. Amato, P. Belli, R. Cerulli, C.J. Dai, V. Yu. Denisov, H.L. He, A. Incicchitti, H.H. Kuang, J.M. Ma, F. Montecchia, O.A. Ponkratenko, D. Prosperi, V.I. Tretyak, Yu.G. Zdesenko, Search for the nucleon and di-nucleon decay into invisible channels , Phys. Lett. B493 (2000), 12.

  • R. Bernabei, P. Belli, R. Cerulli, F. Montecchia, M. Amato, G. Ignesti, A. Incicchitti, D. Prosperi, C.J. Dai, H.L. He, H.H. Kuang, J.M. Ma, On the investigation of possible systematics in WIMP annual modulation search, Eur. Phys. J. C18 (2000), 283-292.