Development of enriched Cadmium Tungstate Crystal Scintillators to search for ββ decay processes in 106Cd

2008 - Main activities:

  • Purification of cadmium enriched in 106Cd to 68% performed by vacuum distillation in graphite apparatus. The level of obtained purity satisfies the requirements to use the raw materials for growing.

  • Raw materials to grow CdWO4 crystal scintillators produced by the NeoChem company (Moscow, Ru).

  • 336.3 g of 106CdWO4 compound obtained from 104.92 g of metallic 106Cd: it contains 102.01 g of cadmium (97.23% of the initial value).

  • First meaurements for testing scintillation properties. 8,1% energy resolution obtained at 662 keV: excellent energy resolution for CdWO4 especially taking into account the elongated shape of the crystal.