DAMA/NaI results on particle Dark Matter investigation

Legend of some of the used symbols

  • mW: mass of Dark Matter candidate particle.

  • ξ: ratio between the local density for the considered candidate and the local Dark Matter density.

  • σSI: Spin Independent Dark Matter particle-nucleon cross-section.

  • σSD: Spin Dependent Dark Matter particle-nucleon cross-section.

  • tanθ = an/ap: ratio between the effective Dark Matter particle-neutron coupling strength, an, and the effective Dark Matter particle-proton coupling strength, ap. θ is defined in the [0,π) interval; in particular, θ values in the second sector account for ap and an with different signs.

  • σp: Spin Independent Dark Matter particle-nucleon cross-section for the case of WIMP with preferred inelastic interaction.

  • ma,h: mass of light pseudoscalar and scalar boson candidate, respectively.

  • ρsgr: Dark Matter density in the tail of Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy (SagDEG).