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o Electrical properties of hybrid sol-gel films.

F. De Matteis, P. Prosposito, M. Casalboni, M.L. Grilli, E. Di Bartolomeo and E. Traversa.

J. Sol Gel S&T., 26, 1081, 2003.


o IR-luminescent molecules in hybrid materials.

P. Prosposito, M. Casalboni, F. De Matteis, A. Quatela, M. Glasbeck, E. van Veldhoven, H. Zang

J. Sol Gel S&T., 26, 909, 2003.


o Hybrid strip-loaded waveguides on silicon substrates.

M. Casalboni, F. Belli, M. Cirillo, F. De Matteis, P. Prosposito, R. Russo, R. Pizzoferrato.

J. Sol Gel S&T., 26, 937, 2003.


o Fluorescence efficiency of four infrared polymethine dyes

M. Casalboni, F. De Matteis, P. Prosposito, A. Quatela and F. Sarcinelli.

Chem. Phys. Lett., 373, 3/4, 372 ,2003.


o 1.3 mm-light amplification in dye-doped hybrid sol-gel channel waveguides efficiency of four infrared polymethine dyes

M. Casalboni, F. De Matteis, V. Merlo, P. Prosposito, R. Russo and S. Schutzmann.

Appl. Phys. Lett., 83, 416, 2003


o The recovery of dipolar relaxation times from fluorescence decays as a tool to probe local dynamics in single tryptophan proteins

G. Mei, A. Di Venere, F. De Matteis and N. Rosato.

Archiv. Biochem. Biophys. 417, 159, 2003.

o Towards optical and superconducting circuit integration

Russo, R., Cirillo, M., De Matteis, F., Casalboni, M., Merlo, V., Prosposito, P., Filippenko, L.V., Schutzmann. S.

Supercond. Sci. Technol. 17, s456, 2004.


o Refractive index measurements of thin films using both Brewster and m-line technique: A combined experimental setup

S. Schutzmann, M. Casalboni, F. De Matteis and. P. Prosposito

J. Non-Cryst. Solids 351, 1814, 2005.


o Electro-optics poled sol-gel materials doped with heterocycle push-pull chromophores

G. Della Giustina, G. Brusatin, M. Guglielmi, M. Dispenza, A.M. Fiorello, M. Varasi, M. Casalboni, A. Quatela, F. De Matteis, E. Giorgetti, G. Margheri, P. Innocenzi, A. Abotto, L. Beverina, G. Pagani 

Mater. Science Eng. C 26, 979-982, 2006.


o Studies of temporal stability of poled nonlinear optical polymer films

Quatela, F. De Matteis, M. Casalboni, S. Schutzmann, M. Colombo, A. Zaopo

Proc. of SPIE Vol. 6192, 61922P-1, 2006


o Planar polymeric multilayer structures for electro-optical applications

D. A. Udvar,  P. Prosposito, F. De Matteis, A. Quatela, S. Schutzmann, M. Casalboni,  S. Simon, 

Proc. of SPIE Vol. 6192, 61922Y-1, 2006


o Order relaxation of a poled azo dye in a high Tg, fully aromatic polyimide
Quatela, F. De Matteis, M. Casalboni, F. Stella, M. Colombo, A. Zaopo
J. Appl. Phys. 101, 2, 023116, 2007
o Polymeric and hybrid materials for electrooptical devices: polar order dynamics
F. De Matteis
Ferroelectrics 352 (1),  3 – 11, 2007
o Nonlinear optical properties of regioregular main-chain polyesters
R. Centore, P. Riccio,  S. Fusco,A. Carella, A. Quatela, S. Schutzmann, F. Stella, F. De Matteis
J. Polym Sci: Polym Chem, 45 (13), 2719, 2007
o Effect of titania content on the optical properties of dye-doped hybrid sol-gel coatings

X. Le Guevel, S. Schutzmann, L. Stella, F. De Matteis, P. Prosposito, M. Casalboni
Opt. Mater.,
Opt. Mater. 31, 451, 2008


o Macromolecular Systems With Nonlinear Optical Properties: Optical Characterization and Devices
   P. Prosposito, F. De Matteis
  in Advances in Macromolecules, Perspectives and Applications, Chpt 3, M.V. Russo (Ed.), Springer (2010)
o In-plane poling characterization of organic electro-optical polymer
  C. Palazzesi, F. Stella, F. De Matteis, M. Casalboni
 J. Appl. Phys., 107, 113101, 2010
o Second harmonic generation in SiO2 sol-gel films functionalized with ethyl-[4-(4-nitro-phenylazo)-phenyl]-(2-oxiranylmethoxy-ethyl)-amine (ENPMA) molecules
  A. Franco, G. Brusatin, M. Guglielmi, G. Stracci, F. De Matteis, M. Casalboni, H. Detert, B. Grimm, S. Schrader 
  J. Non-Cryst. Solids, 356, 1689, 2010