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Edited by Vincenzo Buttaro
LAZIO-ALTEINO - Cosmic Ray Detector

  • Used on Marco Polo mission

  • Currently on board ISS

  • Will employ shielding tiles added on top and bottom of the device

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Principle of operation

    It is a cosmic ray detector constituted by scintillators and silicon strip detectors. Data acquisition is performed on a 512 Mbyte card. Shielding tiles will be placed on top and bottom of the detector to evaluate effectiveness of shielding



Shielding Tiles (Eschilo Project)

  • Tiles realized by Aleniaspazio Torino 2 tiles 8*8*7cm

  • Used to evaluate effectiveness of shielding materials

  • 4 different materials are enclosed in a bag

  • Dosemeters are placed between the tile and the device

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