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Edited by Vincenzo Buttaro
  • The EGLE experiment Specifications (22-12-2004)
  • LAZIO-EGLE - Esperia’s Geo-magnetometer for a Low frequency waves Experiment

    • Esperia’s Geo-magnetometer for a Low frequency waves Experiment
      EGLE will be used to measure the intensity and the variations of the magnetic field within the ISS, and to correlate these measures with the measurements of the particle fluxes.

    • A very interesting idea has been recently put forward, about the possible detection of electromagnetic seismic emissions in space. To study these effects it is important to measure electromagnetic fields variations and particles pitch angle distribution.

    • The EGLE magnetometer is connected to the LAZIO MEB through a 2m long cable and the interface box MB. EGLE experiment is the first test in space of data acquisition via 1Wire technology.

    • Magnetic field data will be recorded in the PCMCIA card of LAZIO MEB. The data will be analysed on ground and then correlated with measurements of others parameters.

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    Frequency band     0.5 – 50000 Hz
    EGLE OPERATIONS (soyuz and increment)

    • Soyuz: Change orientation of EGLE (magnetometer) periodically on the three main axes of the module

    • Increment: Leave EGLE in one position

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