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Edited by Vincenzo Buttaro
Lazio User Control Center (LUC)

The Lazio User control center will be used during the Eneide mission to monitor science activities of the experiments to be performed by Vittori. The center is in direct link with ESA control stations and with NASA mission planning system.
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The voice loops (R. Fortezza in the picture) are used to communicate on the various ESA channels (science, operations, Payload activities, etc)
luc02 (289K)
Plot in real time of the ground track of the Space station. The orbit is calculated in real time using the Two Line Elements (TLE) of the station.
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The Center during simulations of the mission (23-24 mar 2005). At this stage the ceter is fully functional but not completely assembled.
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Riccardo Panunzio (FILAS) during test of the LUC
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Lanfranco Andreanelli LUC Logistic Manager and responsible of wizard group clean room