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Edited by Vincenzo Buttaro
Lazio-Sirad Light Flash session

Light Flash sessions locations: The ground track shows the orbit of the ISS during Light flash observation sessions.
graf_sessions01 (24K)
First Session 18 aprile 8:40 9:40
graf_sessions02 (24K)
Second session 19 aprile 16:10 17:10
graf_sessions03 (24K)
Third Session 20 apr 15:35 16:35
graf_sessions04 (24K)
Fourth Session 21 apr 10:30 11:30
graf_sessions05 (24K)
Fifth Session 22 apr 10:45 11:45
Voice recorder and joystick
Voice recorder and joystick pushbutton to record the arrival of light flash and the cosmonaut's comments. On top the light shielding mask to adapt the eye to darkness.
bag (open)
Nomex bag for the light flash apparatus (open)
bag (close)
Nomex bag for the light flash apparatus (closed)
The voice recorder is a standard dictaphone modified to record the passage of LF through the pressure of a push button. The button is pressed by the astronaut when he perceives a LF. This signal is recorded on cassette together with voice description of the type of LF. Time and date of start of operations must be also recorded by the astronaut on the experiment logbook. Photos of relative position of the astronaut with the LAZIO-MEB and the ALTEINO detectors is taken (the astronaut need to be strapped during LF observation). The astronaut wears light shielding mask during LF observation sessions. Cassettes are replaced every session.