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Edited by Vincenzo Buttaro
Progress Launch e Docking - 28 February 2005

After launch, the progress separated from the second stage of the soyuz rocket and started following the ISS to dock after two days.
These are the ground track of the spacecrafts at various moments of the operations.

For further information on the eneide mission: http://www.laziospazio.it
progress_ISS_docking-s (3K)
Docking Progress to ISS

Photo of Progress in Baikonur Cosmodrome
(Photo by S.P.Korolev Rocket)
photo_progress01-s (6K) photo_progress02-s (6K) photo_progress03-s (5K)
photo_progress04-s (3K) photo_progress05-s (4K) photo_progress06-s (4K)

Photo sequence launch of the Soyouz from the base of Baikonur
(Photo by Francesco Canganella)
progress launch_canganella01-s (2K) progress_launch_canganella02-s (2K) progress_launch_canganella03-s (2K)
progress_launch_canganella04-s (2K) progress_launch_canganella05-s (2K) progress_launch_canganella06-s (2K)
progress_launch_canganella07-s (3K)

Two line elements, the calculations have been made with stk
25544=Space Station
28625= Progress
28624= second stage soyuz
graf_progr_01 (22K)
28 Feb. 2005 23:58
graf_progr_02 (25K)
1 Mar. 2005 13:24
graf_progr_03 (25K)
2 Mar. 2005 13:09
graf_progr_04 (25K)
3 Mar. 2005 15:37