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  NASA Movie  of a balloon launch (35Mb)

   The MASS balloon and gondola just before launch.
The Matter Antimatter Superconducting Spectrometer, MASS89,   was flown from Prince Albert,  Saskatchewan (Canada) on September 5, 1989. The instrument is composed by a a magnetic spectrometer, time-of-flight counter, imaging  calorimeter and a gas Cherenkov counter. The apparatus reached a float altitude of about 36 km after an ascent that lasted almost 3h. The data sample included more than 360 000 events, gathered over a period of 9855 s.

The Matter Antimatter Superconducting Spectrometer, MASS91 was flown from Fort Sumner,  New Mexico on 23 September 1991.
The payload took data for 9.8 hours at a float altitude with a mean  residual atmosphere of 5.8 g/cm2. The antiproton flux was measured between energies of 3.7 and 24.1 GeV

Schematic view of the MASS89 (left) and MASS91 payloads.


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