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Recent collaboration with chemical groups
Recent collaboration with chemical groups
Characteristics :
  • Stainless steel UHV system (Standard pressure 6 10-11mbar).
  • Turbo molecular pump for roughing: 240 l/sec - Ionic pump: 500 l/sec - Titanium sublimator.
  • X-Y-Z manipulator with direct current or resistive heating. Tmax=1500 K.
  • STM/AFM (piezoresistive).
  • Heating at the STM position: up to 1500 K.
  • Cooling at the STM position: down to 25 K.
  • E-beam evaporators at the STM position: Ge and Si.
  • Reverse view LEED-Auger with LaB6 filament.

Fig 4 STM images of pyramidal huts on the Si(001) surface with increasing miscut angle: (a) (50x50 nm2) 9ML Ge on flat Si(001). In the top-left corner an enlarged view (22x9 nm2) shows the reconstruction of the {105} facets forming a 45◦ angle with the dimer rows on the (MxN) reconstructed wetting layer. In the bottom left-corner, the SOM map is reported. The {105} peaks are marked by circles. (b) (1100x1100 nm2) 3ML Ge on 1.5◦-miscut Si(001). In the inset (100x100 nm2) a hut is displayed. (c) (145x145 nm2) 3ML Ge on 2◦-miscut Si(001). The RS-reconstruction of the facets is highlighted. (d) (230x230 nm2) 3ML Ge on 4◦-miscut Si(001). In the inset (80x80 nm2) a single pyramid is shown in derivative mode. Note new layers growing on the facets. The geometrical shape of the pyramids is highlighted.
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