Scuole Internazionali

International School of Space Science (CIFS)
Title: Ground based and space instruments for researches in Solar-Terrestrial physics
GSSI, L’Aquila, 6-10 June 2016
Lecture: Space storms and astroparticles
FUTUROMA: From Space to the Base
Università di Roma Tor Vergata, 25-31 July 2015
Lecture: Project LIMADOU-CSES for  the study of earthquakes from satellites

NIJMEGEN12: 4th International Summer School on Astroparticle Physics
Nijmegen, The Netherlands / Kleve, Germany, 25 July – 3 August 2012
Presentazione ad invito: High energy cosmic rays (ppt_1ppt_2).

ISCRA 2012: International School of Cosmic Ray Astrophysics, 18th Course: “A new Era in Particle Astrophysics” New Instruments, New Results and New Understanding
Ettore Majorana Centre, Erice, Sicily, Italy, 4-10 July 2012
Presentazione ad invito: Particle Astrophysics from low to high energy with PAMELA (ppt_1ppt_2).

MAPS: Methods of Analysis for Physics in Space
Perugia, 22-23 Ottobre 2009
Presentazione ad invito: Ricerca di segnali rari i e misura dei flussi dei raggi cosmici carichi: reiezione del fondo e ruolo della simulazione Monte Carlo (ppt_1ppt_2).

International Doctorate on AstroParticle Physics IDAPP2008
Universitè Paris (Francia), Giugno 2008.
Presentazione ad invito: Astroparticle Physics from space and the PAMELA mission (ppt).

International School of Space Science, 2001 Course on: Astroparticle and Gamma-ray physics in space
L’Aquila (Italia), Settembre 2001.
Presentazione ad invito: Cosmic Rays in the Earth vicinity (ppt) - (con Proceedings).