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   Associate Professor in Condensed Matter Theorygs-picture

                      Address: Physics Department 

                               University of Rome Tor Vergata
Via della Ricerca Scientifica 1,
                               00133 Rome (Italy) 
                  Phone: +39 06 7259 4438
                  Fax: +39 06 2023507
                  Email: gianluca.stefanucci@roma2.infn.it


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Recent Selected Publications

"Molecular Junctions and Molecular Motors: Including Coulomb Repulsion in Electronic Friction using Nonequilibrium Green's Functions",
Miroslav Hopjan, Gianluca
Stefanucci, Enrico Perfetto and Claudio Verdozzi
Physical Review B 98, 041405(R)  (2018). [pdf]  RAPID COMMUNICATION

"Real-Time Dynamics of Auger Wavepackets and Decays in Ultrafast Charge auger
Migration Proces
Fabio Covito, Enrico Perfetto, Angel Rubio and Gianluca Stefanucci
Physical Review A 97 061401(R)  (2018).  [pdf]  RAPID COMMUNICATION


"Ultrafast Charge Migration in XUV Photoexcited Phenylalanine: A First-Principles Study Based on Real-Time Nonequilibrium Green's Functions",
Enrico Perfetto, Davide Sangalli, Andrea Marini and Gianluca Stefanucci
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 9, 1353 (2018). [pdf]


"Charge Separation in Donor-C60 Complexes with Real-Time Green Functions:
The Importance of Nonlocal Correlations",
Emil Vinas Boström, Anders Mikkelsen, Claudio Verdozzi, Enrico Perfetto and Gianluca
Nano Letters 18, 785 (2018). [pdf]

"Vertex Corrections for Positive-Definite Spectral functions of Simple Metals",
Yaroslav Pavlyukh, Anna-Maija Uimonen, Gianluca Stefanucci and Robert van Leeuwen,
Physical Review Letters 117, 206402 (2016). [pdf] 

"Nonequilibrium Anderson Model Made Simple with Density Functional Theory",
Stefan Kurth and Gianluca Stefanucci
Physical Review B 94, 241103(R) (2016). [pdfRAPID COMMUNICATION

"Density Functional Theory of the Seebeck Coefficient in the Coulomb Blockade Regime",
Yang Kaike, Enrico Perfetto, Stefan Kurth, Gianluca Stefanucci and Roberto D'Agosta,
Physical Review B 94, 081410(R) (2016). [pdf]  RAPID COMMUNICATION

"Steady-State Density Functional Theory for Finite Bias Conductances",  
Gianluca Stefanucci and Stefan Kurth
Nano Letters 15, 8020 (2015). [pdf] 

"First-Principles Nonequilibrium Green's Function Approach to Transient Photoabsorption: Application to Atoms",
Enrico Perfetto, Anna-Maija Uimonen, Robert van Leeuwen and Gianluca Stefanucci
Physical Review A 92, 033419 (2015). [pdf]

"Diagrammatic Expansion for Positive Spectral Functions beyond GW: Application
to Vertex Corrections in the Electron Gas
Gianluca Stefanucci, Yaroslav Pavlyukh, Anna-Maija Uimonen and Robert van Leeuwen
Physical Review B 90, 115134 (2014). [pdf]   EDITORS' SUGGESTION  

"Time-Resolved Charge Fractionalization in Inhomogeneous Luttinger Liquids",
Enrico Perfetto, Gianluca Stefanucci, Hiroshi Kamata and Toshimasa Fujisawa
Physical Review B 89, 201413 (2014). [pdf]  RAPID COMMUNICATION