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   Associate Professor in Condensed Matter Theorygs-picture

                      Address: Physics Department 

                               University of Rome Tor Vergata
Via della Ricerca Scientifica 1,
                               00133 Rome (Italy) 
                  Phone: +39 06 7259 4438
                  Fax: +39 06 2023507
                  Email: gianluca.stefanucci@roma2.infn.it


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Recent Selected Publications

Ultrafast Quantum Interference in the Charge Migration of Tryptophan"
Enrico Perfetto, Andrea Trabattoni, Francesca Calegari, Mauro Nisoli, Andrea Marini and Gianluca Stefanucci

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11, 891  (2020). [pdf]

Time-Resolved ARPES Spectra of Nonequilibrium Excitonic Insulators: Revealing Macroscopic Coherence with Ultrashort Pulses"
Enrico Perfetto, Silvia Bianchi and Gianluca Stefanucci
Physical Review B 101, 041201(R)  (2020). [pdf]  RAPID COMMUNICATION

"Pump-Driven Normal-to-Excitonic Insulator Transition: Josephson Oscillations and Signatures of BEC-BCS Crossover in Time-Resolved ARPES ",
Enrico Perfetto, Davide Sangalli, Andrea Marini and Gianluca Stefanucci
Physical Review Materials 3, 124601 (2019). [pdf]

"First Principles Nonequilibrium Green's Functions Approach to Ultrafast Charge Migration in Glycine",
 Enrico Perfetto, Davide Sangalli, Maurizia Palummo, Andrea Marini and Gianluca Stefanucci
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 15, 4526 (2019). [pdf]

"Molecular Junctions and Molecular Motors: Including Coulomb Repulsion in Electronic Friction using Nonequilibrium Green's Functions",
Miroslav Hopjan, Gianluca
Stefanucci, Enrico Perfetto and Claudio Verdozzi
Physical Review B 98, 041405(R)  (2018). [pdf]  RAPID COMMUNICATION

"Real-Time Dynamics of Auger Wavepackets and Decays in Ultrafast Charge auger
Migration Proces
Fabio Covito, Enrico Perfetto, Angel Rubio and Gianluca Stefanucci
Physical Review A 97 061401(R)  (2018).  [pdf]  RAPID COMMUNICATION


"Ultrafast Charge Migration in XUV Photoexcited Phenylalanine: A First-Principles Study Based on Real-Time Nonequilibrium Green's Functions",
Enrico Perfetto, Davide Sangalli, Andrea Marini and Gianluca Stefanucci
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 9, 1353 (2018). [pdf]


"Charge Separation in Donor-C60 Complexes with Real-Time Green Functions:
The Importance of Nonlocal Correlations",
Emil Vinas Boström, Anders Mikkelsen, Claudio Verdozzi, Enrico Perfetto and Gianluca
Nano Letters 18, 785 (2018). [pdf]

"Vertex Corrections for Positive-Definite Spectral functions of Simple Metals",
Yaroslav Pavlyukh, Anna-Maija Uimonen, Gianluca Stefanucci and Robert van Leeuwen,
Physical Review Letters 117, 206402 (2016). [pdf] 

"Nonequilibrium Anderson Model Made Simple with Density Functional Theory",
Stefan Kurth and Gianluca Stefanucci
Physical Review B 94, 241103(R) (2016). [pdfRAPID COMMUNICATION

"Density Functional Theory of the Seebeck Coefficient in the Coulomb Blockade Regime",
Yang Kaike, Enrico Perfetto, Stefan Kurth, Gianluca Stefanucci and Roberto D'Agosta,
Physical Review B 94, 081410(R) (2016). [pdf]  RAPID COMMUNICATION

"Steady-State Density Functional Theory for Finite Bias Conductances",  
Gianluca Stefanucci and Stefan Kurth
Nano Letters 15, 8020 (2015). [pdf] 

"First-Principles Nonequilibrium Green's Function Approach to Transient Photoabsorption: Application to Atoms",
Enrico Perfetto, Anna-Maija Uimonen, Robert van Leeuwen and Gianluca Stefanucci
Physical Review A 92, 033419 (2015). [pdf]

"Diagrammatic Expansion for Positive Spectral Functions beyond GW: Application
to Vertex Corrections in the Electron Gas
Gianluca Stefanucci, Yaroslav Pavlyukh, Anna-Maija Uimonen and Robert van Leeuwen
Physical Review B 90, 115134 (2014). [pdf]   EDITORS' SUGGESTION  

"Time-Resolved Charge Fractionalization in Inhomogeneous Luttinger Liquids",
Enrico Perfetto, Gianluca Stefanucci, Hiroshi Kamata and Toshimasa Fujisawa
Physical Review B 89, 201413 (2014). [pdf]  RAPID COMMUNICATION