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Giornata di Studio IRIDE
a Tor Vergata

12 Giugno 2013

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A meeting to discuss about a new large infrastructure for fundamental and applied physics research. Conceived as an innovative and evolutionary tool also for multi-disciplinary investigations in a wide field of scientific, technological and industrial applications, it will be a high intensity “particle beams factory”, based on a combination of a high duty cycle radio-frequency superconducting electron linac (SC RF LINAC) and of high energy lasers. It will be able to produce a high flux of electrons, photons (from infrared to g-rays), neutrons, protons and eventually positrons, that will be available for a wide national and international scientific community interested to take profit of the most worldwide advanced particle and radiation sources.

We can foresee a large number of possible activities, among them:

• Science with Free Electron Lasers (FEL) from infrared to X-rays,
• Nuclear photonics with Compton back-scattering
g-rays sources,
• Fundamental physics investigations with low energy linear colliders
• Advanced Neutron sources by photo-production,
• Science with THz radiation sources,
• Physics with high power/intensity lasers,
• R&D on advanced accelerator concepts including plasma accelerators and polarized
positron sources
• ILC technology implementation
• Detector development for X-ray FEL and Linear Colliders
• R&D in accelerator technology and industrial spin – off

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